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Average Review for PicFair

Average Review for PicFair

An average review on PicFair from Help 2 Succeed.An Average Review of PicFair.

I found many Pro’s and Con’s about PicFair.  The best thing I found out in my research was that PicFair really does go out of the way to help protect the Copyrights and Licensing of the photographers that utilize the website.  When other sites are careless or just take the copyrights and licensing away, this is an incredible feat for the company and it does show how much care went into the planning and operation of PicFair itself.

PicFair mentions We handle logistics and licensing.  If someone buys your image as a print, we’ll handle all the production and shipping. If they purchase a download, we handle the licenses.”  The site also has at least four pages with information about licensing: Terms and Conditions, Picfair Advertising Licence Agreement, Picfair Image Contributor Agreements and Moderation explained: What happens after I upload my images? 

Unfortunately with all the safeguards, there are still people that ignore copyright information, as reviewed on 31 July 23 by Greg H.  “ is for school teachers to use for showing what life is about to Kindergarteners; for teaching purposes in classrooms. Copyright infringement is a gray area in the education world. The teachers think it’s O.K. to use for teaching purposes, but it’s not. Hospitals lead patients to, and so do child nurseries.”

Trust Pilot has a 1.8 average as a score for PicFair.  PicFair hasn’t claimed the listing yet which may help to raise the “Poor” score.  However, the majority of the 39 reviews aren’t very good with the majority only voting “1.”  The summary of the reviews is that there are many views but hardly any sales.

Chris Wright Photography wrote an article “Is PicFair Worth the Money?”  His update on the article is dated August 2023 states “I will be closing my Picfair account at the end of 2023. I do sell prints, but the pricepoint in online marketplaces is way lower than is viable. My experience has been that people will buy high end prints directly from me, if I arrange the printing and framing personally. Again, it’s only my experience but my feeling is that people will buy a personalised service much more readily and for more money than they will an anonymous print through an online marketplace.

“Selling prints or downloads for small change is not worth anyone’s time and it seems to me that the online marketplace model implemented by PicFair and competitors simply drives the price ever downwards.”

Taking into consideration the care that was thought out and put to use protecting Artists Rights, I believe that PicFair is right there in the middle, not at the bottom.  This conclusion of mine is based on the fact that I haven’t ever seen so much information and work put into ensuring that the artists that use the site are well protected.

Per reviews, marketing could be improved.  I’m positive that the team at PicFair are working out methods to improve on this scene.  I’ll be watching the reviews of 2024 so that I can add to this review.



p.s. If you would like a site reviewed, please contact me. I’ll be happy to do it.

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