An Author’s Happy Mentoring Experience

I have been enjoying a few months of Leigh-Ann’s friendly mentoring. These have been happy times, spent discovering how much I enjoy the creative experience of writing a story. That is creating characters, plot, setting, dialogue out of imagination. It is for me at least a natural ability that I have been doing all my life. In most cases, it never occurred to me to write it down. Who would care to read the story?

Well, Leigh-Ann liked the story, she liked the way I wrote, she liked what I wrote. She has a wonderful smile and way of encouraging a person to continue, to do more.

The rough draft is finished now. I sent it to my sister and she enjoyed it. My next step is the publisher and it seems I have already met his guidelines with the help of Leigh-Ann.

I would recommend anyone with an idea for an artistic expression to get to know Leigh-Ann. She has a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to share and the loving heart to do so.

It is an honor to know and have been helped by Leigh-Ann.

With love and gratitude, J.D.

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