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An Interview With Sock Sockson That You Will Thoroughly Enjoy

Sock Sockson, an Interstellar A-list celebrity from another world! Host of “Talk Sockson” – The Andromeda Galaxy’s most watched TV chat show, he also is a highly proclaimed screenwriter & actor with such classics as “Tojak”, “Sox in the City”, & “The Sockford Files” He is also the legendary director behind the Sci-Fi classic “3001 A Sock Oddity” in which Sockson himself is the voice of “HEEL 9000” the sinister malfunctioning computer system which forced cinema goers and critics alike to rethink the relationship between sock & machine. When he is not directing movies or writing his next hit TV series, he is composing music for his fellow directors. Who can forget the haunting theme to “The Soxorcist” or the dramatic score to “The Last of the Toehicans”? Cinema & composition are just two of Sockson’s many passions. He is also the only known impressionist artist (in Andromeda) who’s exhibitions had to be controversially shut down – not because of obscenity or bad taste. But because of “aesthetic overwhelming” – a phenomena not previously known until his fellow beings kept passing out while looking at Sockson’s work! His paintings now carry safety guidelines. To say that Sock Sockson is living legend is probably an understatement. He is adored by billions & his popularity stretches light years across all of Andromeda. However, Sockson remains modest & humble about his achievements. He was once quoted as saying “Anyone can do what I do, it just takes belief. That and a sense of fun. These alone fuel one’s dreams.”

Listen to the Audio here –> An Interview with Sock Sockson

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