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An Interview with Multi-Talented REID! Achieving Dreams & Goals

Tune in to the Help 2 Succeed Radio Show May 23rd at 7pm EST to get artist tips for success in an interview with Multi-talented artist, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist REID! Find out what it takes to overcome obstacles to achieve your dreams and goals. >> Interview

“Dreams are NEVER too far away to touch. Excuses are weights keeping you from them.”

(Moneca S. Reid)
REID is a woman making moves & excelling as an entrepreneur in her own right hustling hard as a comedic actress, print plus model, vocalist, inspiring motivational speaker, MUA [Make-Up Artist], producer, director, writer, and entertainment consultant/founder of JUS 4 Entertainment. It’s amazing how she juggles these and her other talents.

REID comp cardREID has been fortunate to work with some of Hollywood’s greats ie: Robert Townsend, Tommy Ford and KiKi Shepard to name a few. Keeping in touch with the community she personally directs her own A.R.T.S. Program and is a philanthropist fighting to give voice to domestic violence as a national spokesperson and try to empower young women who’ve become teen mothers. REID also moonlights as a business strategist consulting many enterprises, faith-based organizations, and NFPs [Not for Profit]. Her success she totally gives honor to GOD, and her family for all their love, support, & being her driving fuel to continue to reach her dreams.

Here’s REID ain’t no stopping her now, she’s on the move, & closer to her current goals with new goals on the horizon.

The Beginning
Singing was the part given to her by her cousins in their family band. They performed for family members on every holiday, get togethers and especially reunions. That was the beginning, now REID is all grown up and on her own. Singing and acting took her from early child development to full woman hood. Her strong voice, funny and dramatic ways and musical lyrics mirror her attitude. She has learned many lessons in life, lessons that gave her content to share with the world. “We can sing the blues, but we got to get passed it.” “That’s what I sing about, getting to the next level and share through my acting various characters.” She is very hard working and it shows in her stage performances.

The Show
REID will tickle your fancy and soften your heart. She can make a heartache sound like an extra curricular activity. To a busy woman with a life to live and strong will it is. It’s the falling in love that sounds so sweet when love songs are sung by REID. She wows the audience with a full figure, beautiful smile and classy wardrobe. Her witty words keep the crowd laughing, while her emotional lyrics tug at their hearts. As an actress she comes out the box with so many characters, she would make other comedic actresses ie: Lily Tomlin, Whoopy Goldberg and many more very proud.

The Foundation
REID started out in the entertainment business working with a gospel singing group. Four young ladies with a dream and a vision set out to become what all girls imagine. They learned the business and supported each other’s ideas, but that wasn’t enough to keep time from changing what love had brought together. Although they all had the same goals their paths became different. Letting nothing hold her back REID pushed forward to begin her solo singing career, her acting career, and stomping down the runways as a petite plus model.

The Places
She has covered every major market in the US, singing background in the studio, opening shows for headliners and spreading her joy to her own audiences. “It feels so good to see people smile after you have entertained them.” REID has opened shows for John Tesh of Entertainment Tonight, Shirley Caesar and the Barkays. She rocked the crowd for the Juneteenth celebration in Memphis, and was a favorite for show goers on Beale St. at “Club Royale”. REID performed Down South and in the Midwest during her fall tour in 2000. In 2001 she dedicated time to finding new writers, producers and administrators who she could take on her journey to the top. “It’s very important to have positive people around you that have your best interest at heart.” New songs, new look and new experiences are putting her back on the road to show audiences what wisdom brings and that road ends at the top. Now REID has moved onto theater, television and film. Singing will always be a first love for this artist, but the world has found her to be much more; an actress, a model, a spoke person, an author, writer, director and producer, but an artist with successful dreams.

Domestic Violence Spokesperson
Every year since 2006 when Monéca S. Reid’s friend and colleague, Lynne Parrott’s daughter Chrissy was killed as a victim of domestic violence she found courage and strength to portray a domestic violence victim for 4 1/2 years in the stage play, “In Due Season.” What Lynne did not know when she cast Monéca was that SHE WAS A SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. She and her ex-husband were in a domestic violent relationship before they married and after. It didn’t matter if she was pregnant or not, he always found a reason to fight her. Monéca’s breaking point of freedom from it all is when her 1st born son (8 yrs old) tried defending his mom from his dad’s violent wrath. That was her breaking point and then she knew she had to leave. Monéca Reid is one of the blessed ones that survived. She’s one of the ones that still live today. Her mom could have been like screenwriter, Lynne Parrott, and received a phone call that she had died in a domestic altercation and then she would had to raise her 4 children. Monéca has been empowered the last 12 years to be a voice not just for teen pregnant mothers to empower them, but for victims of domestic violence. Monéca has been motivating people through her moving testimony and has been speaking at police stations, women groups, youth community clubs, and churches sharing her experiences 1 on 1 with other victims all over the country. As an advocate she assist both churches and community organizations counsel and set up safe houses.

MONE`CA SIMONE REID, A DV SURVIVOR!! This is not just for OCTOBER, this is a STOP THE VIOLENCE FOR LIFE MOVEMENT! Revelations 12:11 states, “WE overcome by the words of our testimony.” TELL/SHARE your testimony. IT COULD SAVE A LIFE!! For help please CONTACT the National Domestic Violence Hotline, or call 1-800-799-7233.

“When life has taught you a lesson, don’t cry about it – write about it. Sing the hurt away.”

Here’s where you can find REID:

FB: Actress Monéca S. Reid represented by Tonya Winfield of Hayes Talent Agency
IG: actressmonecareid
Twitter: @ActressMonecaREID
My company is JUS 4 Entertainment and you’ll find it on FB.

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