An Interview with Alice Pero ~ Dedicated to Awakening the Creative Spirit in One and All.

“My mission is to awaken the creative spirit in all people.”
– Alice Pero

Alice Pero interivew on Help 2 Succeed

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Alice Pero was born in New York City, the child of an electrical engineer and a housewife/editor. She graduated from Putney School in Vermont and The Manhattan School of Music. She received dance training at the Martha Graham School and from many private teachers and studied flute with Harold Bennett. While a student she played with the National Orchestral Association in New York City and currently she is playing chamber music concerts, after a long hiatus from the flute.

Thawed Stars Poetry Book written by Alice PeroPero discovered poetry after studying rhythm with the music educator, Jamie Faunt, and has been writing poetry seriously since 1982. She has done many featured readings in New York and LA and has been published in over 70 small magazines and anthologies. Her first book of poetry, “Thawed Stars,” published in 1999, was hailed by Kenneth Koch as having “clarity and surprises.” She is a member of the California Poets in the Schools, and was a workshop leader for the New York City Ballet Education Department Poetry Project for many years. She continues to teach poetry to children throughout the Los Angeles area. She founded the celebrated “Moonday” reading series in 2002 which continues its long run at the Flintridge Bookstore in La Cañada, CA. Her chamber music group, “Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble,” founded in 2015, performs regularly around the Los Angeles area.


last night I met myself in the dark
I was walking, sleep, no barrier
I found I was full, though I had skipped dinner

dreams swelled, like unborn children in me,
carried me up
past my threadbare quilt
past the freeway noise
past blood and bone of this restless body

secure as a child holding its mother’s hand
I touched the white glass of city lights
released a float of balloons in red and blue
tiny ripples of sound took me higher
faint echoes in distant mountains led me on

last night I met myself in a swoon
as palpable as a tongue touching water
as near as my intake of breath
I sang with a muted longing
I walked in the air like dust

Windsong Players Chamber Ensemble

She lives by the edge of a desert wash with her husband, Dennis. She has two grown children, Sky and Amy, and five grandchildren.

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