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An Ethical Company for Musicians & Singers

An Ethical Company for Musicians & Singers

Singer at Help 2 Succeed regarding SoundExchange which is a high integrity company that helps those in the music industry.

Are you a musician or singer or both with original lyrics?  If you aren’t familiar with SoundExchange, go to their website to find out about this amazing company.  As you scroll down the “Who We Are” page, you will get to this section:

Do the Right Thing

Our greatest honor is the trust that the music industry gives us every day. We sit at the center of a complex industry being reshaped by innovations – and stand firmly on the side of music. There’s no grey area in integrity. We lead with it in every customer interaction, royalty processing, and industry issue.

The most latest news from the company is: “October 13, 2023 – We are happy to report that SoundExchange paid out $257 million in royalties in the third quarter of 2023.

Creators, Labels and Producers can register.

SoundExchange is an above and beyond high integrity company.





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