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Adroit Use of Art

just hanging a picture on the wall doesn't mean its art or it communicatesWhen most people think of art they think of hanging a picture on the wall over the sofa. Artists appreciate that people want to hang pictures on the wall of the home – artists want to make a living, too.

Of course, there are plenty of other kinds of art besides paintings – jewelry, sculpture, photography, writing, poetry, film, etc.  If you are considering buying any kind of art, however, there is one thing that is the most important consideration.

The Arts includes several different fieldsNo, it is not whether the colors of the painting, print, photograph match the couch.  It is communication.  If a work of art communicates to you, you should have it.  A very adroit artist created that artwork and intended to communicate something to other people.  If you are one who “gets it” then that artwork is for you.  Chances are that it will match the colors of the living room or kitchen, because you already decorated in those colors.  But if it does not, do not pass up your chance to own an artwork that “speaks” to you and that you understand.  You don’t have to redecorate the house – you will make it fit.  But you could redecorate the house.

It will make you happy for many years, maybe the rest of your life.  Probably your friends and family will feel the same.

This idea of communication does not only apply to paintings.  It’s easier to understand with books, poetry and film, because of the use of language, but it also applies to jewelry or any other form of art.  If you are looking at a pair of earrings and the design, colors and style communicate to you, you should have those.  Diamond earrings may appeal to those who wish to show off their wealth, but many would actually prefer something in their colors, perhaps a fossil wire wrapped in gold, handmade by an adroit jeweler.

Look for art that communicates to you.  If you can only afford a print rather than an expensive original, buy it.  You will enjoy it.

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