A Little Reminder…

A Little Reminder…

Although the circumstances in life may appear to not be going the way that you want, you still need to act as if it really is going right. You have to be brave enough to walk the path and know that on the other side you will arrive at your dreams.

It isn’t enough to dream it once and hope that it will occur. It takes persistence. You have to persevere through whatever may come your way – and that includes people that find fault with your works or give you “advice” that you know isn’t right or try to dissuade you from going forward or who give you the advice to “get a career so that you have something to fall back on” or any number of actions that occur where you find yourself not creating anymore.

It does take real strength to continue – even at times when you feel that what you are creating will never be accepted because of the negative feedback that you are receiving.

With that said, it certainly doesn’t have to be a serious activity!

Your creative endeavors definitely relate to life and making it a better place for one and all to live. What you dream up does take form in life. Take for instance the early Science Fiction writers of the 1930’s, they wrote of flying to the moon and space travel. In 1969 it occurred. Another example is the movie about finding dinosaur DNA preserved in amber, less than ten years after the movie dinosaur DNA was found well-preserved in amber.

Even if you never make it to be a famous worldwide artist, you still have great positive effects on the world and the lives of others.

You can make it go right to become famous – first in your local community and then reach out to encompass the world.

You can do it.

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