An Artist in Business, How-To

12 Ideas to Make Products from Your Art

Being artistic could sometimes be a gift-given ability, but it can also be learned. Whatever your source of having a hand that can create magical arts, you surely can make use of it for personal satisfaction or for money making. You can always become a better artist – no matter your age.  Challenging yourself to develop new skills creates professionalism.  Whether you are new to the art scene or professional, getting more ideas for making sales with your art can come in handy.  Here are a dozen ideas to make products from your artworks.

  1. Make Commercial Tabloid Ad Sheets

If you love editing photographs and you have your own materials to be used to do it, you can create your own local newssheet with art, articles and ads. You can make products in many ways such as a cartoon, the design of the tabloid, the set-up of the ads and photographs. 

  1. Design and Paint Murals

Designing the painting and working out how to enlarge it to fit on a wall or building is a challenge but it is rewarding.  It’s also a very good way to showcase your artworks and get more business.  Wiki How has a instructions and images in a step-by-step how-to for painting murals.

  1. Customize Boxes, Purses and Accessories

There are fine crafts people who do a great job designing cigar boxes, mint containers, creating jewelry and accessories such as belts and for the hair.  Imagine what you can turn out as a professional artist?  Your designs will definitely get attention and sales. 

  1. Sculpting Dolls and Magical Characters

If you normally draw or paint, creating three dimensional characters will be a change of pace.  Experiment to find out what your imagination turns up.  Once you have a few made, do a survey to find out which style is liked the best.  Then fine-tune your characters. 

  1. Sketches

You can go to any of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops or parks and sketch portraits of people.  Learn to do it rapidly and you can make more products from sketching such as small sketches of animals, kids at play and interesting cars.  Have the small sketches available to sell as you do the portraits. 

  1. Create Advertising for Businesses

Businesses can always use more people stopping in.  It all starts with advertising.  You can turn your creative imagination towards interesting promotional pieces for businesses. 

  1. Photo Prints on Canvas

Have you experimented with adjusting photographs in your favorite graphics program?  Sometimes you wind up with a truly magnificent design.  There are sites online where you can upload your image and get it printed on canvas.  You can also do the same thing at your local Kinko’s or, you can purchase a special printer to do it yourself. 

  1. Prints

You can also make different size prints of your artworks.  Once done, mat them and put in a plastic see-through package for more professionalism. 

  1. Print T-shirts, mugs, etc.

There’s many great websites that will print your art creations on products.  You can upload your art and decide what to put it on.  You can create a large variety of items to sell with your art on it such at t-shirts, calendars, mugs, hats and more.  Plus, you get your own store that can be promoted to sell your products. 

  1. Video

You can create a video of your images combined with music, put it on a disk and sell it.  In this digital age, it is easy to create such a video with online programs and downloadable software. 

  1. Book Cover’s and Inside Design

The digital age has made it very easy for a writer to get published.  But a writer is a writer and may not have design skills.  Each book has a cover design plus the set-up and inside design of the pages.  This is a wonderful way to help another artist make a product. 

  1. Postcards

Use your own art to make postcards and also create postcards for others.  You can ask for requests, get another person’s photograph or design a promotional piece to create postcards.

There are many websites online now to sell your art.  The best recommendation I have is to do your homework first by searching for reviews of the sites. Also look at what the site is offering the artist, if it’s good exchange, go for it.  You can create to your heart’s desire while earning an income.  With a little inventiveness you can work out more ways to make products to add to your line.

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