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"A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists."
L. Ron Hubbard  

Help 2 Succeed is an art marketing site for YOU, the artist with information on how to run your art business and successfully market your art.  

Whatever field of The Arts, Performing Arts and Fine Crafts you are in, we have put together information and services with YOU in mind.  Art Marketing is what can make or break you as an artist.

H2S has been online since 2002 testing different methods to market art.  We kept the ethical & workable methods to help you run your art business and be effective with your art marketing.   We stay on top of the current scene to help YOU succeed.  

Every artist is different with different needs and with an exact public.  Just so with your art marketing - Help 2 Succeed does not deliver cookie cutter solutions, we work with you to create the art marketing that you specifically need.

Our site is full of information and successful tips - please visit our blog for articles to help you with art marketing.  The help that you may need regarding websites, press releases, social media and other methods of art marketing can be either taught to you or done for you -  see the Art Marketing Services page.

This site is devoted to those in the arts, and is intended to help you make your goals in The Arts a REALITY.  On our blog you can find  resources, contests, tips, secrets, tools, services and help for art marketing that you need in order to flourish as an artist.

I suggest you bookmark this site, as it will be constantly updated and filled with helpful information regarding art business, art marketing, trade secrets, agents, submission tips and links, show dates, weekly winners, radio shows, art marketing advice, and inspiration for us all.

Although Help 2 Succeed is located in Phoenix, Arizona, the help provided is for worldwide artists in every field of The Arts.   The blog entries translate to every language.

Leigh Ann Lemire   aka   ILIA

The information, help and services at Help 2 Succeed are for creative & talented folks in all fields of The Arts, Performing Arts, Writers, Poets, Photographers and Fine Crafts.   

This site is run by a fine artist and published author.  It is for artists and is created to provide you with the information to succeed in your art business and with your art marketing.  I strive to deliver the help that you need. You are welcome to contribute. Artist contributions can be seen at the blog and H2S Blog Talk Radio Show.

As a talented person myself, I have researched then tested methods for art business, art marketing and for succeeding in the arts.

The intention of the site is to provide for you a foundation that you can use as a platform to make your art career soar.   You can find articles in a variety of subjects such as interviews with successful artists, artist successful actions, art techniques, setting up systems to get paid,  art marketing, art business and much more - vist the Help 2 Succeed Blog for a wealth of information.

Your creative endeavors are a valuable addition to the culture.  Therefore, the Help 2 Succeed specialty is in delivering services that will enhance your creative endeavors.  You will find here no cost and low cost services in order to help you to succeed plus enable you to get your name out there and achieve your dreams with your art career.

Help 2 Succeed has been online since December 1998 (first as Triton Productions and then in 2002 as Help 2 Succeed).  H2S has been providing information and giving help to fellow artists - beginners, intermediate and professionalsThe purpose is to enable creative & talented folks to make a living with their art, quit their 9 to 5 job and be a full time artist.

Being a full time artist does include much more than creating your art -its creating an art business and marketing your art.  Getting your name out there on a continuous basis is the most vital action that you can do to ensure your success.

The Help 2 Succeed Blog Talk Radio show interviews successful artists for their tips to succeed.  Our host, Darrell Edrich is a poet, writer, a bit of a comedian and very personable!  Darrell will be interviewing successful people in order to get their secrets, tips and successful actions that helped to make them successful.  Be sure to tune in.

Help 2 Succeed will be introducing  another Radio Show in 2014.  This radio show will showcase talent: singers, musicians, poets, story tellers, comedians, voice overs, etc.  This show will be hosted by Tom Little.

Tom Little will also be the host for the Help 2 Succeed televised podcasts in 2014.  The show will be live.  Stay Tuned for more information.

My aim is to give you as much help as possible so that you achieve your goals in The Arts.   Be sure to contact if you have any questions, have a subject you would like covered, would like to share your successful actions, want to do an interview or have articles that you would like to submit.

Help 2 Succeed is the best and most reliable place on the Internet for information about art business and art marketing and reaching the worldwide to sell your art.

Why Art Marketing?
#1. Art marketing is a worked out plan for the success of your art business.
#2. An art marketing plan takes you from where you are now to where you want to be with your art business.
#3. Art marketing is based upon being consistent on getting your message out there, getting recognized and building a reputation.
#4. Art marketing is designed to provide information about your art business and your good works - consistently.

Help 2 Succeed delivers a professional and ethical service to help you do so.


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